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Fact or Fiction, Breaking Down Facebook Protect

“Register with this new service by xx date or your account will be locked”… sounds like one of countless spam emails you may have gotten in the past, but if the email came from Facebook for a service called Facebook Protect, it's actually legit.

In an effort to ramp up security efforts, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has been rolling out this new feature to select users. Particularly to candidates, their campaigns and elected officials, as well as accounts that are deemed to have the potential to reach a lot of people.

If you receive an email notification you can follow the prompts which will enable Facebook to scan your account for potential points of risk security wise and make suggestions on improvements such as enabling two-factor identification and creating a stronger password.

As a reminder, Facebook will never ask you for your password in an email or direct message. If you ever have questions about whether or not an email or message received from Facebook or Meta is legit, feel free to reach out to us at and run it by our experts before taking any action.

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